Looking for a great dog friendly beach on the coast of Southern California just south of Santa Barbara? Look no further. Summerland Beach at Lookout Park offers a great beach, picturesque views, free parking, bathrooms (located in the park not, on the beach), and an amazing dog wash so that you can take your pup home clean and free of sand!! There is a fee for the dog wash, but we used it and it was worth every penny. Santa Barbara County parks operates the facility and has done a wonderful job setting up a great place to visit. Click on this link to find out more. The beach is located just below the bluff that the park sits on. It is a short walk down a paved trail. The trail is wide but could be a bit steep for those that may have trouble walking. Our dogs had a blast! We really enjoy going to this beach.

As always, remember to bring a bag to pick up after your dog, and dispose of your dog’s waste properly in a trashcan. We want to keep these beautiful dog-friendly beaches clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy. Also remember to provide enough space for all people and dogs that are at the facility. Although you are at a dog-friendly beach, it is a beach for all, so there could be non dog lovers at the beach and park. Knowing that before going, helps to make it a great day. Have fun at one of our favorite beaches!

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