Dog Friendly Hotel Considerations

Read Now for ?Tips on some items to consider when choosing a dog friendly hotel, motel, or VRBO to stay in!

Whether you want to stay at a dog friendly Ritz-Carlton, a motel, a VRBO, or somewhere in between, consider these things before choosing your place to stay. 
1. Is there a cost for your dog to stay? Examples: Kimpton hotels do not have a fee. Marriott and their different brands have different fees depending on the actual place. VRBO’s fees can vary. Some motels do not have fees.
2. Do they require a health certificate for your dog from an accredited veterinarian? Some places will require this prior to your dog being able to stay at their facility. Ask your veterinarian for a current health/vaccination certificate or paperwork that you can take with you on all of your travels.
3. Do they have an area at the hotel for your dog to potty? Being able to take your dog potty without leaving the property is important, especially when you are taking your dog after dark.
4. If your dog is larger or needs leg stretching time, is there a place at on the property where your dog can stretch their legs? If not, is there a safe dog friendly park nearby that you can go to in the afternoon?
5. What is their pet policy about pets on furniture? Are dogs allowed on the beds or other furniture? Do they require you to bring your own crate and have your dog stay in it?

There are other things you will want to consider, but these top five are things what we found to be important to know about before making a reservation and heading off on our trip. We find it is always good to read the reviews about the hotel and to also talk directly with the manager at the hotel to have your questions properly answered before arriving.
Here are a few other tips for once you arrive:
You may want to get a bottom floor or low floor room, so that it is easier to take your dog out to potty. If the potty area at the hotel is in a specific location, you may want to ask for your room to be near that area.
The first 24 hours are important to make sure your dog knows you are not leaving him/her at the hotel and never coming back. Make sure to spend positive, calm, reassuring time with dog when in the hotel room.

Don’t forget potty clean-up materials as it is a dog owner’s responsibility to clean up any messes their dog makes.

We also bring a sheet and dog blanket to cover any furniture or beds that the facility has approved that our dog can be on. This could help you to avoid any extra costs that you may incur.

We hope that this is helpful information. Keep on adventuring and have a great time!

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