Great Dog Friendly Hotel in Las Vegas

Are you looking for a great dog friendly hotel in Las Vegas? Then, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas might just be the hotel for you. The Cosmopolitan allows you to bring “up to two dogs of any size or breed per room” as per their website. When we found this out, we knew we had to go with our dog. We love The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel regardless, and this just seemed like a bonus for us when we found out.

From the moment that we arrived it was a great experience. We chose to valet park our vehicle as it is a lot easier for us to manage all of our gear when we have our dog with us. It also makes it an easy experience when we want to go out on one of our day excursions. As soon as our car and luggage were taken care of, one of us took our dog straight up to the doggy “relief” area, while the other one checked us in. The doggy relief area is a very small but nice fenced area with artificial grass just outside of one of the pool areas. (Quick hint: We asked to stay in the tower that had the doggy relief area in it. This made it a lot easier to take our dog potty without having to navigate through the hotel.) After we completed both of those tasks, we headed to our room. Did you know that each dog receives a Pupjoy box when they arrive at the hotel? This great box of joy is brought to your room once you are settled in! This was a fun treat to receive since most hotels don’t provide this added dog friendly touch. The Puppyjoy box contents can vary. Our box had treats, a toy, a small potty pad, and a fantastic travel water bowl! We were very appreciative.

You may ask yourself, “What do I do in Las Vegas when I have my dog with me?” Well, a great service that The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas offers is that they give an you an exclusive rate for you to have your dog(s) stay at a luxury doggy daycare called Luxe Pet Hotels while you go and play, This is a win win if you want your dog to be pampered and /or not left alone in the hotel room while you are relaxing and having non dog friendly fun. An added perk is that the Luxe Pet Hotels will even pick up and drop-off your dog. We didn’t use the service, but we did check out their website and it looked nice.

What other fun dog friendly activities can you do in Las Vegas? Well our recommendation is that if you go to Las Vegas with your dog, you go during the cooler months of fall, the winter months, or the cooler months of spring. If you go during these months, and you like to see nature in its full beauty, you will have more activities to do than time to do them. We went in February with our dog and the weather was perfect. Read our other posts to find additional information about the places we went, the hikes that we did, and items to bring to keep your dog safe and having fun. Two of the parks that we visited were national/federal parks so we were able to use our National Park Pass and enter the parks for free! Here are the links to the websites of the parks we visited.: Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas , Valley of Fire , and Lake Mead National Recreation Area .

(Fun tip – There are a couple of fun sculptures and statues in the hotel that are fun to have your dog take a picture with.)

Please note: There are restrictions on where your dog can go in The Cosmopolitan, there is a nightly fee, and your dog should be up to date on all of their recommended vaccinations. Therefore, make sure to check out The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas website and talk with them on the phone prior to going to make sure you don’t have any surprises when you arrive. We hope that you have as wonderful of a time as we did. Also note that our experience was based on what happened to us while we visited Las Vegas and stayed at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel. Have fun and keep on adventuring!

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